Overwhelmed with Your Email Marketing?

Whether you’re not getting the results you want or you just don’t know what to do.
If you have a service-based business, My Automation Virtual Assistant (MAVA) has the solution.



My Automation Virtual Assistant, or MAVA as we like to call her, uses ActiveCampaign as it’s base for all automations. It’s an email marketing service focusing specifically on solutions for service-based businesses.

We’ve added automations we use with clients, created custom plugins that integrate with WooCommerce and focused on strategies that increase your bottom line (i.e. sales)

Plan for Growth

Overwhelmed with what MAVA can do, or perhaps you just don’t know where to start. We customize your ‘Plan for Growth’ Strategy.


MAVA integrates with hundreds of other tools. When we’ve needed something a little extra, we created it to share with you!


Whether email marketing is brand new to you, or you have some experience, we’ve created courses to help you get the most out of MAVA.


To Help You Grow

Email Marketing is often something that you know you should be doing, however it’s not something you make a huge priority because you’ve not (yet) seen the benefits everyone talks about.

No tool stands alone in your business! 

The team at MAVA will help you integrate your other business systems and tools with MAVA. You need them to work together for maximum results and least amount of effort. That’s the beauty of automation!